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Our Purpose

Objective Designers is a Strategic Marketing and Process Improvement consultancy.

We work with a core of eight associates to bring an objective view, considerable experience and out-of-the-box thinking  to our clients’ strategies and day-to-day business operations. Our typical engagements are short and sharp, though we will take on longer assignments if they fit with our overall purpose.

Who we work with

Our main focus is on helping Telecoms, Media and Technology clients become more successful in the European, Middle East and African markets.

Our clients range from very large telecoms and media companies through to small start-ups and SMEs in the technology space who are trying to launch new services in the ever more competitive world of cloud services where new competition with new business models can spring up from anywhere around the globe.

Business Development

Campaign Acceleration Programme
(3-6 months)

Marketing Automation Programme
(6 weeks implementation & ongoing support)

Product Launch

Product Definition and Development
(3-6 months)

Product Launch
(6 weeks implementation & ongoing support)

Facilitation, Coaching & Mentoring

Conference Facilitation

Workshop Facilitation

Start-Up Mentoring

Rainbow Service Design ™

Idea to Launch

Shorten development timescales, accelerate time to launch, or improve product line profitability.


Campaign to Order

Penetrate new niches, generate new leads and shorten new customer qualification time.

Time to Complete

Improve the end-to-end customer experience, shorten order fulfilment time, and speed up service delivery.  

Time to Resolve

Resolve problems faster, gain feedback to improve customer experience, discover how customers use your product.

Order to Cash

Ensure quick payment collection for services,  and ensure accuracy on invoices according to contracts.

Time to Value

Make a step-change in the value of an organisation.  Structure customer conversations,  challenge the value over effort, and prioritise key decisions. 


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